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Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I have recently found out that I am pregnant. After three years of trying I can only assume that the treatments that I had with you have definitely worked!


Thank you so much for your help, to fall pregnant naturally was a dream that I thought would never happen for me.

I wish you all the best and thanks again.


Warmest regards,

Joanna M

Sarah Major was recommended to me by a friend following the loss of our daughter when I was 34 weeks pregnant. All I wanted was to have a
baby. After many months of feeling depressed I visited Sarah's clinic for the first time who took a detailed history from me and I had my first acupuncture treatment. The next day. I was running a course and many friends and colleagues said how much better I seemed and more positive. I visited Sarah's clinic every two weeks. My depression went with time and I fell pregnant. In December I gave birth to a healthy boy
I strongly feel that Sarah and acupuncture have been of huge benefit to me. Sarah used acupuncture during my pregnancy and It helped with the morning sickness and indigestion.
I am so grateful to Sarah for all she has done for me and for all her support and treatment during my pregnancy. I have recommended friends of mine who are having difficulties in getting pregnant to see Sarah for acupuncture.

Emma W

I am 42 years old and after many years of unsuccessful fertility treatments I visited Sarah Major for acupuncture. I found the treatment beneficial in many ways, not only is Sarah very professional but she also creates a relaxing atmosphere during treatment and is both reassuring and empathetic. After only a few weeks of seeing Sarah I fell pregnant naturally.

Louise Crompton

In July our darling baby boy was born, strong and healthy, he is the result of fertility treatment, acupuncture and prayers.

I saw Sarah Major through several fertility cycles, and prior to my last and final treatment I stepped up my visits. According to my doctor and the nurses at the fertility clinic, it was at that point that my womb was at its best state. The cycle was successful and our bundle of joy arrived.

I thank Sarah from the bottom of my heart.


Tanya G - Tunbridge wells

I decided to try acupuncture after many years of infertility treatment. I contacted Sarah as she had lots of experience and a wealth of knowledge in this field. I had acupuncture in conjunction with starting my third IVF cycle. I feel this made a massive difference to the success of the cycle as I fell pregnant with our daughter Millie.


What is lovely about Sarah is she gives you hope by being so positive at a time when you feel very despondent. Not only is she skilled at what she does but has a wealth of experience in guiding you through infertility with kindness, compassion and expertise.


Sarah Jackson

My first experience of acupuncture was with Sarah over 2 years ago – she had been recommended to me by a friend.

Her treatment completely resolved my migraines over the course of 6 months - They had plagued me since my teens, she explored the reasons for the headaches and offered a unique approach to curing them that 20 years of visiting doctors had not done. I feel so much better and can function every day when before I could not hold a job down because of my endless migraines.


D.R.  Sussex

Sarah is brilliant. she listens to everything I say and offers advice. Since under her care my symptoms have greatly reduced

F.M.  East Grinstead

I first visited Sarah over 15 years ago when I was having menopausal symptoms. She helped enormously, with a combination of herbs, acupuncture and endless patience. My regular acupuncture treatments became something to look forward to and I now have regular (but infrequent visits) to maintain my health and wellbeing. I love the relaxing atmosphere and calm manner that always makes me leave floating on air – Thank you, Sarah !


T.N. Crawley

I went to see Sarah after coming off the pill (which I had been taking for over 10 years) as I hadn't had a period for the 5 months since stopping it and wanted a baby.

After 2 treatments I had a period and then fell pregnant! Unfortunately that ended in a miscarriage after 10 weeks. I went back to Sarah after this had happened and she was very positive, reassuring and really helped me through this sad time. She also got my body ready once more, and after a treatment a month for 3 months I fell pregnant again.

The whole way through my pregnancy I had acupuncture treatments until near the end when my baby was in breech position.  I had a special acupuncture treatment to turn him and to my midwife’s surprise she informed me that he had turned!

My little boy was born weighing 8 lbs 14 ozs and one of the first people I shared our news was with Sarah!

The acupuncture helped me with back pain, turning my baby, relaxing me, and most of all Sarah is so good at what she does that she always makes you feel reassured and cared for. I couldn't recommend her enough.


Saddaf and Ben welcomed a sister to Frank, Lalya in 2017

Saddaf and Ben


After making the decision to start a family, and knowing of Sarah's expertise, I booked in for acupuncture.

Sarah listened to my every worry and concern and after one session commented that she believed I had either Polycystic Ovaries or Endometriosis (which a visit to the doctor and a scan confirmed).

Over the course of the next two or three appointments Sarah got my cycle into an exact pattern. She always answered my "many" questions and gave practical advice regarding ovulation and peak times to help conceive. After a few short months I did fall pregnant naturally and have again since then, and now have two perfect girls.

I have numerous times, and will continue to,  recommend Sarah. She always made me feel cared for, calm, listened too whilst offering a strong voice of reason.


Phoebe Key


After coming off the contraceptive pill to try for a baby without success my doctor diagnosed polycystic ovaries.

I contacted Sarah explaining my situation in the hope that acupuncture would help. After only two treatments I had my first period since stopping the pill. I was amazed that my body was responding to the acupuncture and my cycle was regulating. Sarah explained each treatment as she was doing it and made me feel completely relaxed and at ease.

I had 5 treatments in total and fell pregnant. Our gorgeous baby boy, Freddie, was born in December.

I can't thank Sarah enough for all her help and support.


H Campbell. East Grinstead

I first met Sarah after she was recommended to me by someone who like me had also tragically experienced a stillbirth. Our baby girl, Livia, died at 32 weeks of pregnancy. Prior to this I had also suffered 2 miscarriages.

We were desperate to finally have our dream of a baby come true but it never seemed to happen.

When someone told me about acupuncture for fertility and pregnancy I was apprehensive and came close to dismissing it but I had heard of so many success stories that I couldn't ignore it.

I met Sarah, had treatment and we gave birth to our son in February thanks to all the help and treatment from Sarah. I saw Sarah for approximately 6 months before we fell pregnant and she supported and treated me throughout my pregnancy. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Not only were her treatments gentle, relaxing and pain free, she was also very knowledgeable and extremely understanding of how I was feeling and what I was going through. I felt thoroughly reassured of the health of my pregnancy once I'd been with her and I couldn't have done it without her.



I first went for acupuncture when my husband and I had been trying for about a year to get pregnant without any success.

I found the acupuncture to be wonderfully relaxing and a real help in relieving the stress that infertility was bringing.

We went on to have IVF and I continued the acupuncture throughout the treatment. Sarah listened, comforted and supported me during the whole process.


We now have a gorgeous little boy, who is our absolute pride and joy. Thank you so much Sarah for everything you did for us!


P.P and Baby Jacob

I had been seeing Sarah for a few years now, initially for neck pain. When we started trying for a baby I saw Sarah once a month and continued to during pregnancy for acupuncture.

I can't thank her enough for her care, professionalism, and support during us trying for a baby and pregnancy. Acupuncture helped us conceive and supported me through the pregnancy of our beautiful baby boy.

Sarah is absolutely wonderful and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone trying for a baby or pregnant already!


L. M. East Grinstead

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